Installation Help

Here are the steps..

1. I backed up my existing work spaces, custom indicators, etc
2. I un-installed Trade Station
3. I re-installed Trade Station
4. I copied my backed up Work spaces and custom indicators to new installation folder
5. I imported new Catapult Work space
6. I imported Catapult  Indicator
7. I imported Catapult Analysis

Courtesy of Peter Stock


Regarding the Fonts zip package.

If you see H and X instead of up and down arrows on your chart:

If the text plotting based on TS font is not coming through ...
The issue is probably individual.
Somehow the TS font is not coming through correctly on a computer.
Check to see if the computer has TS font in this folder:
If not, copy from another computer, restart TS and see if it works.
Or from the zip folder attached.

If not, may try to backup your indicators/workspace for TS9.5. Uninstall and reinstall.
The following steps may not seem to be needed, but they seem to help smooth install.
Restart computer after uninstall.
Do not run TS right after reinstall.  Restart computer first.


  • September 21, 2017
    Release Candidate