Installation Guide

Usage Scenarios

Note on Awesome Oscillator

This indicator is available on the thinkorswim for free, pre-installed. Just go to edit studies, go to Awesome Oscillator, and add it. Don’t change any settings.


Notes on Ichimoku missing after Installation

If you right click on the chart and choose "studies" at the bottom, then choose edit studies on the next box, it will take you to a box that has the studies for this. You will see "Ichimoku and you want to left click on the gear wheel  when you have your cursor over that study.  You will then see a box with two major divisions and we want to look at the lower division called Plots. You will see tabs for Tenkan, Kijun, Span A, Span B, and Chikou. We only want Span A and Span B to show up.  So when you click on the other 3 tabs, over on the right you will see a box for "Show plot" that you can uncheck by left clicking on it.  When it is blank, it will not display the unwanted lines on the chart. Finish up by left clicking on "OK" to get back to the chart and the lines will disappear. Then on the last box that still shows which studies you have on your chart, you may want to click the box "Save as set" to make sure it is saved, then OK to leave that box and be back on the chart.  

If you want to make this the default for all your charts, you can then, back on the original chart, right click on the chart, move cursor to studies, then "Save studies" and give it a name, so that you can propagate that study onto any chart you wish when you push "Load studies" on any future chart.



  • August 25, 2017 (Version 1)
    Release Candidate
  • September 1, 2017 (Version 1.02)
    Bugfix: Previously when short entry was greater then r2 for futures erroneous targets were displayed, now is fixed.
    Bugfix: Previously the NASDAQ futures were not in the list of indexes, now they are.
  • February 15, 2018 (Version 1.03)
    Added Scanner Install Document