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My Triple Confirmation Indicator doesn't show the text bars at the top of each chart in red or green.....

There are no "text bars" in this indicator. There are two studies, one that flags the breaks of the cloud, and the other is the dots on the lower part of the study.

Can I have 2 Watch List Scans run at the same time in TOS for the Triple Cloud Indicator? One bullish and one bearish?

Unfortunately, in thinkorswim you can only have one scan at a time.

The lower confirmation will not populate on anything above the 5 min bar?

As the video above states, click the Studies hourglass then in the study you must change the time where it says Lower Confirmation. Click the gear and change the fields.

Is there a way to change the setting "within 10 bars" on the cloud break part of scanner?

Currently there is no way to alter this setting.

What are the best time frames for Es and NQ? Do u recommend the cloud to be set at 8 and 22?

The default time frames, set at 9 and 26.


  • Version 1 (April 1, 2017)
    Initial Release
  • Version 1 Addendum (April 17, 2017) 
    The Trading Plan for the 5min Bar